This is a great lecture by the Managing Director of Re-define Sony Kapoor. He states that on the on hand money and finance have brought world society to the next level and that on the other hand the nature and dynamics of today’s world financial system brought and still brings world society into danger. When Lehman Brothers collapsed, nobody knew what was going on, because there was (and still is) a complete lack of transparancy. Kapoor states that the financial system is still fragile due to its exposure and vulnerability to global events. He examines that the current financial system is characterised by an increased number and ease of financial transactions: just-in-time-management has become commonplace within finance. But we must not forget that there is one big differences between manufacturing and finance:  finance has no logic of time. Nowadays we can move money within miliseconds around the globe and this is one of the main reasons for instability. Kapoor makes a powerful comparison with the traffic: we need traffic lights, speed controls and smaller cars to get back in control of the financial system.

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