These paintings continue to fascinate me, not because of their quality but because of their maker. First have a look.

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Do you know who is the painter? It is the 43rd President of the United States. These paintings are made by the man who started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and after 9/11 spoke  the famous words: ‘go out and shop’. I find it quite remarkable that George W. Bush makes such innocent paintings after his heavy life. All the time I ask myself questions like ‘why dogs? Why not war victims? Or world problems?’

In an interview he tells: ‘Painting has changed my life’. Could I believe him? Did he really change? I don’t know. I hope George will make some paintings that show us the dark side of men in the near future. Painting is an excellent way to do self research. Go for it George! I’m looking forward for paintings that investigate power and destruction. Yes, you can!

Een gedachte over “Painting Has Changed My Life

  1. In my opinion: Bush sucked as a presiden and Bush sucks as a painter. But I endorse your appeal, Martijn, because as a painter, Bush does less harm. Come on George, do some introspection! Broaden your horizons through your paintings and share them with us!

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